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We have a large selection of vintage graphic arts to fit many tastes. Our extensive collection of celebrity posters is very popular. We always search for interesting early advertising and steamship prints, as well as fun calendars and many movie posters, most from 1920’s to present, including one-sheets..

Tamara DeLempicka, posters Tamara DeLempicka was born in Poland c.1900. She lived in Russia then Paris in 1918, California in 1933, and died Mexico 1980. We always try to have at least a few of her pieces.”The Duchess De La Salle”, Tamara DeLempicka. Original, 4 3/4x 8 3/16″, postcard from the 1994 Montreal MFA show, 7 7/8x 11 3/8″ framed, $110.
Kizette Au Balcon, poster print of painting of her daughter done in 1927.Poster printed by Spadem in 1992 in France.

Some spotting, 15 3/4x 19 3/4 incl. border, shipped rolled, $125.00

Jeuness movie poster, george lacomb director “Jeunesse” (Youth) 1929 Movie poster, George Lacomb director, mounted on linen, 48″x68″,$1800.
We have a VERY limited edition copy, exclusive, of the poster, 16×20, $200.
FIGHT WORLD FAMINE original, 1914-1918. 18 3/4x 27 3/4. 2 3/4″ tear on top left but still intact.Distributed by Dept. of Labor, U.S. Employment Service. Published by Thornsen Ellis Co., Baltimore MD; New York, N.Y. $240.00

Shipped rolled.

U.S.A. Bonds, WW I, 20×30, Boy Scout, Weapons for Liberty by J.D. Leyendecker.Printed in 1915 by American Lithographic Co. N.Y. Near mint. ¬†SOLD $425.00.

Shipped shrink-wrapped.



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